Our Story


Forever Bloomz specializes in flower preservation offerings. We take your live flowers and preserve them for those precious life events. The process for the preservation is very intricate and detailed. The flowers are received by Forever Blooms then we pre treat the flowers to preserve the color and it adds durability to the flowers until we can freeze dry and dehydrate them.

The process of freeze drying takes between 14 and 20 days under an extreme vacuum depending on the condition of the flowers. This assures that the flowers will be as close to the original as possible. After the flowers have been thru the dehydration process we post treat them to add even more durability and color longevity. When the flowers have passed our stringent quality control check we build the arrangement by hand to your agreed specifications and layout.

Forever Bloomz can also re create your special event. The process is the same, the exception is that you provided FBI Inc with photos of the flowers you would like to recreate and we will make an arrangement from the photos. This allows you to go back and recreate the memories and save them forever.